Monday, December 3, 2007


It would be easy for me to feel bitter about the recent weather in Toronto. It's not even officially winter yet, but it's been snowing for a month. Das ist crazy, for reals. We usually don't even get a dusting of snow until around Christmas.

But I'm kind of liking this wintery experience. Bad weather allows me to pretend that I am an adventurous hero, forging my way through wind, sleet, and snowdrifts to survive. Getting to the grocery store and back in freezing rain becomes an expedition. I may be slithering and slipping on this glassy sidewalk, but the Stalwart Red will never give up! Even if I have to shuffle all the way, I will prevail!

I'm even looking forward to the deep freeze days, the days I used to dread. What's different this year? In July I got contact lenses. Now I can pull my scarf right up over my nose, without fear that my breath will fog my glasses. I used to have to choose between seeing and breathing. That, my friends, was a hard choice.

Soon I must go out. I will pull on my ugly, waterproof winter boots and go stomping through ankle-deep slush while most everyone else is delicately picking their way between the puddles in their fashionable, leather-soled shoes. And I will feel superior! Oh, so superior.


R.E.H. said...

We got a snow-scare in mid-november but it went away. Currently only windy, cold and raining.

Give me summer any time of the year. I hate the winter!

Karen said...

Um...I guess so much for Global Warming. We had snow yesterday too. I love it. It makes everything look so fresh and pure - for a few hours at least.

jameil1922 said...

get fab winter-proof boots!! mine are pink, green, yellow & blue striped. soooo adorable. i need more! lmao @ choosing b/t seeing and breathing. snowing for a month? QUEL HORREUR!!!

Sparkling Red said...

I am completely jealous of Jameil's stripey boots. If I had those boots, I would want to wear them all year round!