Saturday, April 19, 2008


I can has enrmus spektakles? NOM delishus spektakles!

LOLcat wif rite paw up = protekshun
LOLcat wif left paw up = lots of moneys
LOLcat wif bof paws up = Gives me EVRYFING!!!

We paws for LOLcommershul brek:

uZap Tummy Butt Thighs!
ZAP away your fat with Twin Power Osimotion!
Double the Effectiveness, Double the Efficiency!

Now back to more LOLs:


R u shur des all made wif 100% pure froot juss?
teh gren 1 looks lik no froot i kno.

Squeezed Cold Pork Ear
Curry Squid Claw



R.E.H. said...

Squeezed Cold Pork Ear???

No, thanks ;)

Funny pictures!

Leighann said...

Wow, I think I'll go hungry ;)

jameil1922 said...

stop it with the non-grammar!!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Oh my!! Did you take these pictures? I want to try the squid claw and the fruit juices and whatever that one woman was cooking!! Totally looked interesting...

mex (aka Syb) said...

i love CURRY.. but REALLY!!

How long do yr blog entries take? They are SO well done.. w/ the pics and all..

I type 12 WPM.. so mine (plus I write like crap) are kinda a chore!



Stewie said...

Holy cow I want to go to this mall.

Anonymous said...

Hey six eyes! Nice glasses!

Sparkling Red said...

R.E.H.: *Spark takes a bow*

Leighann: Good call!

Jameil: Is non-grammar a word? ;-)

Ron: Yes, indeed, I took all these pictures. There is a booth at the mall that uses real fruit juice - they actually blend it while you wait - but it's not the booth from the photo. The fluorescent beverages are totally fake. And the woman was baking chocolate-creme filled cakes. Yum!

mex (aka syb): I like to take an hour for each post, if I have that much time in the day. That's how long it takes for me to feel like I can really polish the piece without rushing. Thanks for the compliment! :-)

Stewie: If you're ever passing through Toronto, just let me know. I'll show you around and tip you off to all the best food vendors.

Unsigned: NOM!

Nicole said...

That is one hilarious collection!
But what on earth is squeezed pork ear???

*dislikes fake juices - yuck*

*graves chocolate filled cookies now*


Keera Ann Fox said...

Now, see, that is what is missing in Norwegian cities: A Chinatown.

Jenski said...

Who wrote this post and what were they on? I {heart} tse tse? Excellent.

Aurora said...

Sprak iz de moost awzum of al de lol-cat commentrz. i R in awe.