Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trashy Girl Fashions

Picking up from the last post, we did eventually get to Pacific Mall.

The fashions there are always extreme. Shall we see what's in for spring?

Wearing a stocking on only one leg is the next big trend, apparently. The theme was repeated at other stores around the mall. Next time the dryer eats one of your socks, rejoice! You too can now be as effortlessly fashionable as these ladies.

There are dozens of tiny garbage-wear boutiques throughout the mall. Mannequins must be included with the rent, because almost all the stores use the same mannequins. They look like blow-up sex dolls. It's the parted lips and heavy make-up that makes them look cheap.

That and the stupid-short micro-minis. Does anyone actually wear these outfits?

If that's not sexy enough for you, perhaps you'd be interested in the Anime Character Costume Shop. You can buy adult-sized costumes depicting major manga, anime, and video game characters, including props and shoes. I bet they make most of their money from fetishists. Sadly, they didn't have any action-hero outfits in the window this time. Just some pouffy girl dresses.

With those necklines, the girls are going to need a special bra. One that makes their boobs look so great that they look down and *GASP!* at their own bosoms.

Would anyone care to attempt a translation from Mandarin to English? I'd really like to know what this girl is saying.


R.E.H. said...

I think that girl on the bra poster is just mimicking my expression when I laid eyes on her breasts ;)

jameil1922 said...

what in the... those clothes are awful!! wait til i see someone horridly dressed. i'll say ew what are you drom toronto or something??

Warped Mind of Ron said...

God, I'm way too lonely. I'm probably the only person to look at your second picture of mannequins and immediately focus on the visible nipple on the one on the right... Don't even get me started on the bra poster. I need to get out on a date...

Karen said...

I am totally getting a neon yellow belt with a heart belt buckle. If I can find that in PLeather or some sort of faux patent leather all the better.

One leg thigh highs - got it. Don't know if that will really work on me. I don't want to be over the top with that AND the belt. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Somebody will wear that nonsense, yes. I've seen 'em. Me, I'd never wear only one stocking. My other leg would feel left out and I just can't do that to my leg.

trinity67 said...

Oh, my God.

Sparkling Red said...

R.E.H.: Cute! I can picture your face perfectly. ;-)

Jameil: Yes, they are completely horrible. Some stores do carry decent items, but ruin them by combining them into the world's ugliest outfits in their window displays. Trust me, this is not standard Toronto-wear!

Ron: As soon as I got that photo up on the screen, my first thought was Woah Nelly! Look at that nipple! It's just stickin' right out there. Yup. That's a nipple, alright.

Karen: The store three doors away was selling neon yellow (and neon pink) faux patent-leather, kitten heal pumps. So your shoes could totally match (or clash) with that belt.

Keera: If people wore one glove in the 80's, I see no reason why wearing one sock shouldn't catch on today. I'd never do it. I'd find it unnerving to have my feet at two different temperatures.

Anonymous said...

I like the fashions! Nothing would look better on a nice cute teenage asian girl.

Micro mini? Mmm... One stocking is better than two. That's one less stocking to take off!

Those naughty fashions deserve a spanking. Now where are the asian school girls? Over my knee... Now!

Let's face it cute girls look good in anything. It's all about seeking attention. If an outfit screams "look at me I'm easy" then I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Um...I totally pass on the one leg stocking trend. WHO decided that looked good?!!!!!

Sparkling Red said...

Trinity67: :-p

Unsigned: I thought you might like these outfits!

1218blog: Methinks the young are getting desperate for trends that haven't been done before, even if the reason why they haven't been done before is because they don't look good or make any sense!

Nilsa S. said...

You've taken mall rats to a new level. I'm impressed!

Stewie said...

that looks like the best mall ever.

Claire said...

The face says "Oooooh, puppies!"


Aurora said...

As for those mini skirts... I've decided I want one for the spring. Ok, no bare legs... I'd be ashamed ... but with stockings, why not??

PixieVonAzia said...

lol your mannequins look so completely different than ours and your right they do look like blow up sex dolls.. and really who would wear only one stocking? They wouldn't assume it's fashion just that you were in a rush to put on the other one lol funny!

Anonymous said...

fun post


kinda good to Be back.. but a week w/ BFFs and no puter was really nice also


Sparkling Red said...

Nilsa: Thanks! Now that the weather's finally warming up, I'll soon be able to go for walks outside too. :-)

Stewie: It's half mall, half carnival. You'd love it!

Claire: Perfect! Where did you learn to speak Chinese? ;-)

Aurora: You're a brave soul! The only way you'd see me in a micro-mini would be over THICK leggings.

Pixie Von Azia: What's next? Wearing only one shoe? ;-)

mex/syb: That does sound nice. I'd give up my computer for a week-long holiday with friends, for sure. :-)

savia said...

This mall is so not helping with the fetishization of Asian women.

Jenski said...

I am guessing there are some people who think those "fashions" are not extreme. That scares me.

What if you put your stocking on your left let but then you are out and about and your right leg gets cold?

Sparkling Red said...

Savia: No, certainly not. Although the girls are going into these stores and buying the clothes of their own free will... I guess it's the same issue that affects all girls, of feeling the need to compete for attention.

Jenski: I suppose it would seem a bit odd to take off your shoes at, say, the bus stop, to switch your stocking to your other leg.

Tink said...

Translation of the girl in the poster:

"And I only had to sacrifice my soul! Boooooobies!"

Kelly said...

So, one nip should hang out and one leg shuold be stuck in a school-girl stocking. Got it, I am off to go score me a totally hoochie Momma outfit that I can degrade myself in. Fun! Fun!

Sparkling Red said...

Tink: I could sell my soul to have boobs that exciting? Where do I sign up?

Kelly: That's the spirit! Make sure to post some photos on your blog, 'K?