Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A coincidence and shoes

Sunday was my mom's birthday. A week before I'd bought her a pair of earrings as a gift. It's more of a big deal than you're thinking, because my mom doesn't have pierced ears. Never has. Since my step-dad moved out, she's been talking about "perforating" herself, as she puts it, and I'm trying to convince her to go for it. I figured if I bought her a pair of pretty earrings, she'd be more motivated.

So, I picked out some earrings that I thought were approximately her taste, and gave them to her on Sunday. When she opened the box, she said,

Oh, they're so pretty!

She paused to examine them more closely, then asked,

Did I tell you about the brooch I bought a few weeks ago?

No, I said.

I'll have to run upstairs and get it. I think it'll be a good match for these earrings.

Here are the earrings I picked out for her next to the brooch she bought for herself three weeks ago. Notice any similarities?

The more we stared at them, the more amazed we were. It's not like she has a "thing" for square jewelry. She doesn't own other pieces like this, nor is it a particularly common design, to the best of my knowledge. And I do browse through jewelry stores with relative regularity.

Make of it what you will. Crazy coincidence? Evidence of a mother-daughter psychic link? You may draw your own conclusions.

And now, by popular demand, these are the fab-o shoes that I picked up at Winners on Saturday. Yes, I even went so far as to buy matching socks. That's how much I love these shoes. And they're comfy! Excuse me, I'm going to go spoon my shoes and purr.



Karen said...

That is quite the coincidence. LOL. I am proud of mom for going for the ear piercing. Tell her to get her naval at the same time. ;)

And I love the shoes.

Leighann said...

That's really neat about the earrings and brooch! Has she gotten her ears done yet??

CUTE shoes!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Oh My! Good job, have you ever considered becoming a professional shoe model? I mean there are a lot of cool jobs and travel, but you do have to maintain your shoe size and there is pressure to always fit in a smaller shoe. It leads many shoe models to drugs and alcohol, perhaps it's better you stay clear of all that.

Anonymous said...

When is your mom getting her "full sleeve" tattoos?

She's gotta get ink done!

whatigotsofar said...

I don't know if it's the shoes, the pants, the photography or just your actual feet, but you look like you have disproportionately tiny feet. So much so that I'm wondering if you are often blown over by a stiff wind.

jameil1922 said...

i LOVE shoe poses! love em! those are mahvelous as poses go! let us know when she gets them pierced! very fun! i love brooches and earrings!

Anonymous said...

Very freaky, cowinkydink! I suppose great minds think alike!

Love the shoes! So cute. Make your feet look little. Unless your feet really are little...

Aurora said...

I am impressed by your psychic connection with your mum. That has to be the best gift ever!

Meanwhile I think you're well on the way to being able to call this a Fashion Blog :-) Great modelling..

Tink said...

Definitely a shared brain wave...

And I love the shoes. They're especially cute with those sunny socks. Purrr.

Sparkling Red said...

Karen: Ha! That'd be the day. Maybe she should go all out and get her tongue pierced. She could scandalize the other museum volunteer ladies. :-)

Leighann: Not yet. I've yet to see if I can get her to pin down a date for the big event. I'm still not sure that she won't back out at the last second. My mom's brave in her way, but not exactly a daredevil.

Ron: Shoe model? Why didn't my guidance counsellor tell me about this career option? Travel shmavel - I want an excuse to accumulate a vast wardrobe of shoes, preferably given to me free by my sponsors. Maybe I should quit my day job. ;-)

Unsigned: That will happen shortly after pigs fly.

Whatigotsofar: You're funny. No, I don't have tiny feet - it's just the perspective created by taking self-shoe-portraits - my feet shrink away towards the vanishing point.

Jameil: I will certainly keep you updated on any more piercing news relating to my mother. *pause to reflect on what I just typed* I never thought I'd say that to anyone...

GirlInterrupted: Nah, my feet are average - size 7.5 - which makes it all the more exciting that I scored such an awesome pair of sneaks on sale. Sizes 7 through 8 are always totally picked over by sale time!

Aurora: Sometimes my mom and are are TOO connected, but this time it worked out to our advantage. And thank you! I would post fashion slightly more often, but I'm afraid of boring the boys.

Tink: Thanks! The socks kept me smiling all day. :-)

Jenski said...

See, the matching jewelry means that your mum getting her ears pierced is just MEANT to be! Those are great shoes too.

Anya said...

Awesome choice!! I also have a pair of those shoes. Those are very comfy and easy to wear.

Keera Ann Fox said...

My conclusion is that you and your mother have very good taste in jewelry.

Thanks for the shoes-with-matching-socks. Actually gave me a lift, that did. :-D

Nilsa S. said...

Adorable shoes! And I love when those kinds of connections occur with loved ones.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

oh they compliment each other well!

trinity67 said...

Your shoes are very nice!

Does your uncle (the one who gifted you with fused glass jewellery) sell his jewellery out of a shop perhaps or just out of his home?

Sparkling Red said...

Jenski: I will try to impress my mom with that theory. She said she's keeping the earrings on her dresser top so she can see them every day, even though she can't wear them yet.

Anya is trying to sell us shoes. I think she must be a bot...

Keera: Thank you! I find that a cheerful pair of sneakers always gives me a boost. Only space restrictions prevent me from having a different pair for every day of the week.

Nilsa: Thanks! Yes, it's really neat when the connections become tangible.

Tequila Mockingbird: Indeed! :-)

Trinity: As far as I know, he sells his stuff at gift boutiques on commission. He also does larger pieces to order.

Dianne said...

I didn't get my ears pierced til I was 51, tell Mom to go for it, those earrings are perfect.

And I love the shoes.

I saw Roxy sheets today, is it a huge brand?

ConverseMomma said...

I. Totally. Covet. Your. Shoes. Must stop drooling all over my computer screen. Seriously. Me want them, badly. Your feet rock!

San said...

Those are awesome shoes, Red. My daughter would wear those. Hell, I would wear those.

I believe you do have a psychic link with your mother. When is she getting herself perforated for those Liz Claibornes? They're really pretty.

Sparkling Red said...

Dianne: I'll tell my mom!
Officially Roxy is a surfer girl/snowboarder-inspired clothing line that's been around since 1990. They seem to be expanding. I'm not sure what bed linen has to do with the surfer lifestyle - aren't they supposed to sleep on the beach? ;-)

Conversemomma: Thank you! I was in line for the cashier and I heard the woman behind me say to her boyfriend "I love those shoes!" I have to admit to feeling a little smug. :-)

San: I'm waiting for the weather here to turn the corner into summer before I make a date with my mom for the perforation. It's been chilly, despite the fact that June is coming up next week. I bet we'll both feel that the energy is right when the sun is out and the whole city is feeling cheerful and expansive.

Dianne said...

surfer girl lifestyle explains so much - the bed linens were all beachy colors and had different beach designs on them.

they were cool designs.

Leeza said...

Dianne ill go with your comments the bed linens were all beachy colors and had different beach designs on them.