Friday, May 9, 2008


I've made it through four whole months of Blog365 without missing a single day of posting. Huzzah! As time passes, sometimes I feel symptoms of Blog Fatigue, but it passes.

Bits and Pieces:

I saw a restaurant offering a lunch special called Afternoon Delight. I'm not sure if the restaurant owner understands the connotations of the phrase. I'm tempted to order it just because of the name, but the photo doesn't look all that appealing.

I was out and about on a Friday evening at the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton, which has been nicknamed "Young and Eligible" because of all the hot singles who congregate and socialize in the local clubs and pubs. On weekend evenings, the 20-somethings are dressed in their best. Except this one guy I saw. His friends weren't super fancy, sporting jeans, sneakers, and hoodies. But this guy took it down a notch. He had on jeans, sneakers, and a dark-green-and-blue plaid terrycloth bathrobe. Shin-length. Belted at the waist. I have to say, it wasn't a good look for him.

There is only one reason why I'm sorry that winter is over. I find nothing cuter than dogs wearing boots. Most of the dogs where I live are tiny little things, and many of them have wardrobes. Personally I think that boots are the best dog accessory, as they are both ridiculous and practical. But for the spring season I'm not totally out of luck. Last time it rained I passed a terrier going for his walkies in a very fetching yellow slicker with a matching hat.

And finally, there is a business I pass frequently that has this sign posted at the entrance:


It always makes me think that the owner is fed up with all the stupid door-pullers who never learn. If he's told you once, he's told you a million times... PUSH!


Karen said...

You crack me up. I cannot stand dogs in clothes. LOL To be honest, I don't really like little dogs to begin with - and then people put these clothes on them that cost most than what I am wearing. OH! It frustrates me.

Anonymous said...

Being the owner of a little dog, he does have one sweater which I put on him in the winter and a rain coat because he hates the rain, but that is the extent of it. But I do like seeing other little dogs in their outfits. Too cute!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

My friend have a Lab (the dog not the facility) that they make wear booties when it rains so he doesn't drag in mud. At first it was hillarious to watch him try to walk with them on, but sadly he has gotten used to them.

Anonymous said...

I met this guy, he's a friend of a friend, who regularly hits the Annex club scene dressed in his pajamas. He approached me one night at the Dance Cave (or whatever that club above Lee's Palace is called) and offered me a sticker. Okay, so, Saturday night, at a club above Lee's Palace, a grown man in pajamas offers me a sticker. Well duh? I obviously assumed it was a hit of LCD. So I kindly declined and went on with my evening. I later found out it wasn't LCD and just a sticker. Still, it kinda weirded me out. Turns out, the guy is just a real fun-loving guy, but I'm a cynical brat from the suburbs, I'm not trusting anybody in pajamas at a shitty nightclub.

Leighann said...

Maybe the guy in the bathrobe was just in a hurry??

I can't stand little dogs.
I really can't stand little dogs in clothes.

Sorry :)

jameil1922 said...

i need to know what afternoon delight consists of. come on. you know i'm a foodie. i thought there was a menu link. lmao @ the push sign & the dog wardrobes. the latter is so ridiculous!! lol. i know a girl who dresses her GREAT DANES for halloween. poor poor dogs. bathrobe? that's never a good look.

Nilsa S. said...

And I always thought you just loved writing. Didn't realize a contest was involved!

My dog isn't small, but she wears boots. And a coat. Because otherwise? The salted streets make her wine and look sad. And she shivers when she's cold. Don't make fun. She does have short hair. And though I swore I'd never dress my dog in a coat, she is pretty cute.

Sparkling Red said...

Karen: Some people do take it to a crazy extreme. But then again those people probably take everything to a crazy extreme.

1218blog: It totally makes sense to dress dogs for the weather. I think cats would benefit from being a little more flexible on that matter. They love warmth - why not wear a sweater?

Ron: I know what you're talking about - they do a kind of cha-cha dance, trying to kick the boots off with every step. I could watch that all day and it would still be funny. :-)

Whatigotsofar: Oh yeah, that is (or maybe was - I haven't been there since 1999) The Dance Cave. Shitty club? Yes, a hundred times yes! Man in pj's? I never saw such a thing, but I can believe it. Not a great fashion statement, but at least he could go home and fall into bed without changing.

Leighann: My husband can't stand little dogs either. Or drooly dogs. Or yappy dogs. I think he only likes dogs once the Dog Whisperer has given them some life lessons and made them more civilized.

Jameil: It was some kind of Thai dish. I'll take a closer look next time I'm passing by.

Nilsa: It's not so much a contest as a challenge. I don't win anything if I succeed in posting every day except bragging rights. Sure. I can brag about being crazy enough to blog every day! ;-)
I do love writing.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I hear you on the Blog365 thing. And yet... I haven't missed a day, either! Yay! Go us!

Anonymous said...


nicole said...

I love that sign, muah :D

Dogs in clothes is something I personally can't stand, nor nail lacquer and died hair on them.
But that's just me.
Boots I actually could let them get away with in winter when you live in a region where they use salt on the sidewalks because that hurts doggie paws.

Claire said...

I've been to that intersection!! Eeeeeeeee!! And I am now humming 'Afternoon Delight' to myself...


Sparkling Red said...

Keera: Woohoo! Let's hope we can both make it through to the last day!!

Unsigned: *pulling* ;-)

Nicole: Nail polish on dogs? Ech. That's not cute anymore, so far as I'm concerned. That's over the line. Blow-dried hair might be OK once a month if they've just come from the groomer, but the rest of the time, let the dog be a dog!

Claire: I'm starting to think it's the Times Square of Toronto. Stay there long enough and you'll see everyone you know. :-)

Jenski said...

The second I read "Afternoon Delight" I started singing that song! I'm totally turning into my mother. Great tidbits!

I also understand the Blog Fatigue. And then there is something funny that happens or a line and I think, "that would be a great post title." I also usually promptly forget what it was in five minutes.