Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pimping Five Star Friday

Five Star Friday

Schmutzie has started a new, weekly blog called Five Star Friday.

Quoting directly from Five Star Friday's mission statement:

My goal for Five Star Friday is for it to be a celebration of good content from weblogs across the internet. Whether it is funny, sad, thoughtful, or joyful, if you think a particular weblog post is a cut above the rest, I want to include it in Five Star Friday.

Submitting a URL is easy. The one catch is that you need a Twitter account to participate. I had not even been slightly tempted to participate in Twitter prior to this. Probably because blogging every day seems excessive enough - I can't imagine what material might be leftover to post in mini-updates throughout the day.

But I couldn't handle being left out of Five Star Friday, so on Monday I created a Twitter account for myself. See "Nitwit Updates" in the sidebar. As I suspected, I'm not tempted to update much more than once a day, but at least I can say that I'm cutting edge with the web technology. That's me, breaking social barriers with my 140 characters (or less).

Anyway, it's new, it's cool, it's the latest thing that all the kids are talking about. You never know, I might just submit one of your posts. Or maybe I already have! You'll have to go check to find out. Then you could award yourself one of these:

Five Star Friday

Or, um, you could, you know, feel free to submit one of my posts if you were moved to do so. I'm just sayin'.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

Oh God!! Now the pressure to perform on Fridays will cause my blog to go all limp. I will consider this new fangled twitter technology. Twitter... I like that word, hee hee

Leighann said...

Twitter.... that's fun to say!

R.E.H. said...

Sounds like a fun idea that Fivestar Friday thing. And, I noticed that thing on your sidebar too. Just didn't know what it was ;)

Aurora said...

Thanks for the heads up :-) sounds like I'll need to know about it some day!

Schmutzie said...

Thanks for the pimpage!

Nilsa S. said...

Um, that is the coolest idea in the world. And I was all ready to participate. Even to submit one of your posts. Until I saw the word, Twitter.

NO WAY. This old hag is sticking her heels deeply set in 2005. No way I'm gonna start with Twitter. So, in another 10 years or so, when I catch up with the rest of you cutting edge folks, I'd be more than happy to submit on your behalf.

Karen said...

Cool idea. Awesome

jameil1922 said...

i love twitter. i've been doing it for a couple of months now i think. sometimes i can post and post and post. i did top chef updates w/it last night.

unsigned said...

Yeah! Front that page! Like a P.I.M.P. Yo! Turn it out!