Monday, February 4, 2008

Posting until the internet explodes

Dear Blog365,

We've only officially been an item for one month, (although we've been seeing each other almost every day since last November). Already, this is one of the most serious relationships I've ever been in.

Don't fret - I'm still committed to "us". I just thought maybe we could clear the air a little. You could tell me how you're feeling, and I'll get some stuff off my chest. You know how when you let these things build up they can lead to resentment, and all.

So. Wow. What a ride so far! It's been intense. I know you don't mean to be demanding, but you do ask a lot of me. Every day now, I'm always thinking about what you might like, what I can give you next to keep things lively and interesting. I'm looking at the whole world through new eyes - your eyes. Everything that happens, my first reaction is how I'm going to describe it to you.

I am taking every little thing, good and bad, and assessing it to see if it's an adequate gift for you. Then I try to wrap it up in the best possible package, with pretty bows and tissue paper, or sometimes in a black, velvet jewel box.

I am entranced by the power of your gaze. Being listened to like this has changed me, made me more bold. The more I risk with you, the more I'm willing to risk in my other relationships. You always know the right thing to say to support me, and I've been internalizing that support. I'm more likely to speak my mind than I was before I met you.

Sometimes I find you exhausting, but you're worth it. The challenges you offer keep me from falling into apathy and depression. The mid-winter blues combined with the stresses in my life would no doubt have pushed me down, if you weren't expecting me to be here for you every day. You give me a reason not to give in to the lure of the blahs.

Thank you for being there for me, Blog365. I am here for you.

Now, is there anything that you wanted to share with me?


Karen said...

Wow. I feel like such a voyer after having read that intimate letter to your lover. Well said.

David said...

Interesting. I was just about to post something similar on my own blog - ie - the effect of writing one. Have a look. It will be up in the next few days.

The Ex said...

Hahah! I'm glad I didn't sign up for this. I couldn't take it! I need a low-maintenance blog plan.

jameil1922 said...

awww. lmao @ karen. i think i'm used to the demands by now. it will become even more like second nature by march. tho i cannot tell a lie... the last two days i had to dig in the drafts because my brain was about to explode.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Heck. Why didn't I think of that? 365 days of writing letters to Blog365. And waiting for the answer. Heh.

R.E.H. said...

I'm impressed you're doing the Blog 365. I couldn't have.

Well, had I know it was like a lover, and that I could communicate with it... maybe ;)

Sparkling Red said...

Karen: Thanks. I let it all hang out for you guys. ;-)

David: Will do! I'm looking forward to it.

The Ex: If you change your mind, there's always 2009... ;-)

Jameil: I have a bunch ideas scribbled in my notebook, but there are 330 days left to go and I have at most 30 ideas. I'll be searching high and low for inspiration!

Keera: Technically it's a workable strategy. We'll see - Blog365 may yet write back!

R.E.H.: It remains to be seen if I can keep up the daily posts for another 11 months. I think I can. I know I can! God willing...

Jenski said...

I may cut and paste your letter to Blog365. Is that wrong? I too wonder throughout the day, "What will I post today??" I have a couple of fall-back labels if necessary, like lyrics, but try to avoid that. Congratulations on sticking with Blog365! I still am not sure why I am doing it. :)

Maxie said...

hahaha. Hilarious! I love it.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I havent been very faifful to blog 265....and as I typed FAITHFUL, I accidentally typed subconscious??

Sparkling Red said...

Jenski: Go right ahead! As long as you link back to my original letter, feel free to "borrow" it.
I don't really know why I'm doing it either, but once I commit to something, darn if I won't try hard to see it through to the end, even if it makes no sense.

Maxie: :-)

Chelsea Talks Smack: More subconscious: Blog 265? That project sounds much more reasonable and forgiving. I'm already thinking about switching. ;-)

Aurora said...

I really like the passion and humour of this letter. It's a very fruitful analogy!

Sparkling Red said...

Aurora: Thank you! :-)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

i'm always cheating on my blog, with the other blog i post to. but shhhh dont tell it.

Kell said...

That was awesome. I think your commitment is astounding! I could never do this.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I almost can't believe that people really signed up to blog every single day for a year. Congrats to making it over a month so far!

Also, does anyone else find it irritating that blogger spellcheck underlines the word blog as misspelled every time?

Sparkling Red said...

Tequila Mockingbird: My lips are sealed. (Your other blog must be really hot!)

Kell: Thanks! I'm censoring myself a lot less due to the commitment to post every day. I can't afford to be picky about my subjects if I have any chance of keeping this up!

Nancypearlwannabe: Huh, that's funny, it doesn't underline it for me. Unless I spell it like this:
Yup, those all got red underlines. :-)