Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scary things

I had the amazing luck to snap this picture of a heroic young girl, moments after she had performed an emergency appendectomy on her friend in a public washroom.

Just kidding!

For whatever reason, she was colouring her hair in the ladies room at the College Park Mall. When I saw the "bloody" surgical gloves I was momentarily horrified. Then I figured out what was going on. She obligingly let me take her photo.

Also, I had a scary dream last night. Remember my new pyjamas? Last night I went to bed wearing the red pair. I have never before felt so stylish on my way to bed. But I digress...

So I went to bed wearing the red pyjamas. Then I dreamed that I woke up wearing the pink ones. This may seem like no big deal, but I got really upset. I was like: Someone changed my pyjamas while I was sleeping! Who could have done that? Under any normal circumstances, it wouldn't have been possible without waking me up. There's only one explanation. Aliens abducted me in my sleep and changed my pyjamas while I was helpless in their grasp!

I mean, that's really upsetting stuff, right?

Or is that the lamest nightmare you've ever heard?


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I had a reoccuring dream where my neighbourhood was being attacked by a Godzilla-like monster. And everytime, the monster emerged from behind the Honda dealership.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I keep having this dream that I'm a middle aged white male working 40 hours a week with little hope of ever having a real and meaningful relationship.... OH CRAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture.

Curvaceous, said...

That would freak me out walking in on something like this!

Sparkling Red said...

whatigotsofar: Sometimes dreams are so specific about the weirdest random details. Then they can also be so vague... "I was in this house, and it was my parents' house, except it was actually sort of my apartment from 2002 with extra rooms."

Warped Mind of Ron: Ay Caramba! :-p

Unsigned: Why thank you.

Curvaceous: It was only the fact that the girl seemed completely calm that kept me from screaming when I saw her hands at first.

Leighann said...

I'm worried about you! :)

jameil1922 said...

hahhahahahahaha!! most hilarious nightmare ever! too funny. and i was so scared at emergency apendectomy! i think the girl may have not wanted to get her sinks/towels at home dirty or not wanted her parents to know until it was done. lol. doesn't make it less bizarre!!

R.E.H. said...

Now, who colors their hair in a public restroom? Did you ask her about that? ;)

And, I'm sure that dream was horrible - you know how scary some bad dreams are, but when you wake up and think rationally about it - they just don't seem that scary ;)

Unless you DID see the aliens - then it would still be pretty darn scary!

Jenski said...

For a second, I was like, what? On her friend? Really? And I like to think I am not gullible. Hah!

PixieVonAzia said...

lol you must really love your pj's to actually dream about them! =)

Yea that picture kinda threw me off guard. I was like no way, but then I thought that she had a pretty calm face.

Well hope nobody uses that same sink after she's done because then they will freak out when the water runs red =)

Sparkling Red said...

Leighann: If you hear me screaming, call 911. ;-)

Jameil: What I wondered was how she was going to wash the red goop out of her hair at the end of the 30 minutes! She couldn't fit her whole head in one of those little hand sinks.

R.E.H.: No, I didn't ask her. I already felt intrusive asking for her photo. (I'm a little shy with strangers.)
And no, I didn't see the aliens. They were only implied. Thank God!

Jenski: Gotcha! ;-)

Pixie Von Azia: I do truly love my p.j.'s. Keep them out of the hands of the aliens!

Karen said...

You are insane. What a strange dream!

kate said...

That's the kind of nightmare I have! I wake up being terrified of something weird ... your photograph reminded me of the time when I used to colour my hair at work - well, during the evenings when I'd be working late ... strange I haven't thought of that for years and years.

Aurora said...

I wonder why she was in a public washroom doing that. Oh no. Now I remember. I had friends who did that, in high school, because if they did it at home, a) you could stain stuff and risk parental wrath; b) if you didn't do it at home, the parents might not notice. SO. She must be a teen.

Re: dream... hmm. that one may take a while to figure out!

Nicole said...

LOL, that picture does look scary.
Mh, if she wants to change her identity by colouring her hair it wouldn't make sense for her to allow you taking the photo.
Weird ;)

Regarding the nightmare....well....aliens are werid ;)

Mad Man Bamboo said...

You know dreams always tie out to your consciousness. Besides the girl coloring her hair in the public washroom, you must have had a strange day to provoke a dream like that. I always try to correlate my dreams that way. Nice post. Sweet dreams!


Sparkling Red said...

Karen: Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment. ;-)

Kate: So it's not just me? Sometimes I wake up in terror from a dream about a sinister shower curtain, or an empty amphora. Nothing is happening, but for some reason these things are as scary as deadly monsters!

Aurora: Yeah, that's probably it. I hope her parents don't find the photo. (Very unlikely)

Nicole: I asked to take a picture of her hands. I thought she'd hold them out over the sink, not up by her face. So if she was trying to stay incognito, she chose the wrong pose.

Mad Man Bamboo: Thanks! I'm pleased to meet you. That's a great nickname. :-)

San said...

Nightmare is in the mind of the dreamer I guess. I'd rather dream about pink pajamas than those red "surgical" gloves any night.

Aric Blue said...

THAT'S not a nightmare! I just recently had a nightmare so horrifying I won't even post about it!

Sparkling Red said...

San: Good point! I hope that image never shows up in my dreams.

Aric Blue: My husband has proper nightmares where he battles zombies or gets chased by rabid wolves. They always sound like a scene straight out of a horror movie script. I'm still in nightmare kindergarten.
I hope that your bad nightmares don't haunt you to often. They can be really powerful.