Saturday, March 15, 2008


The new bed is here!

I slept in it for the first time on Wednesday night. Or, more accurately, I lay in it for two hours, from 4:30 am to 6:30 am, after I got snored out of our mutual bed. It's a comfy mattress, but the sheets were too new and stiff, and the pillow is still off-gassing smelly chemicals. I fetched my old mushy pillow, which helped, but not enough for me to actually sleep.

I was even tempted to take my duvet and go back to sleeping on the couch!

On Thursday, to acclimatize myself to the new set-up, I spent the whole night in the new bed. This time I did actually sleep.

In case you're wondering, I don't have a 5' x 8' guest bedroom. (Although that's only slightly smaller than some of the bedrooms I've seen in the tiny condos they're building these days.) The bed is in a nook attached to the computer room (which, according to the floor plan, is the master bedroom, but we don't use it as such. We use the smaller, windowless bedroom for our mutual bed. Why waste one of our two windows on a room that's used only for sleeping?).

Did you notice that the alarm clock is on a djembe? I think it looks cool. It's not great for the drum to be used as a table, so I'll replace it with a proper night table soon enough.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I can give you one good reason to sleep in a room with a window: Airing out the room (and an escape route in case of fire; bedrooms without windows are prohibited in Norway). I sleep with my window open at nights (unless its really freezing outside). It's funny, but even though I sleep with my bedroom door open (old habit from when I had a cat), I still wake up feeling stuffy if the window has been closed all night. So I pile extra blankets on my bed and always have a hot water bottle for the feet, so I can open that window. Considering Ken's breathing trouble, maybe an open window or a good airing with outside air (a cross draft) might help.

Keera Ann Fox said...

An airing out just before bedtime, that is.

jameil1922 said...

pretty comforter!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

If you could have gotten a slightly wider bed you could roll around like crazy and never worry about falling out of bed, how cool would that be? Am I the only one to think of things like that?

Karen said...

I was going to say that was the smallest room in the universe, but you cleared that up.

Bedrooms without windows are illegal in most towns in NJ also. You can't get a occupancy permit if it is called a bedroom, but once you own a house you can sleep anywhere you damn well please.

But if ALL you do in that room is SLEEP, you might be missing out on some things.... (*wink*)

San said...

That looks like a cozy setup, Red. The nook appears protective. And quiet.

Sparkling Red said...

Keera: So you're one of those open window people! My ex-mother in law also keeps a window open all night, even through the winter. I can't handle it - I sleep with about a million blankets even with the windows closed and the thermostat turned up. However I should probably air out my house during the day more often than I do.

Jameil: Thank you! I spent a long time looking for the right one. I'm very pleased with it.

Ron: That would be totally cool! I think if I'd gotten a double bed, it would have slotted into that space with inches to spare. Gives a whole new meaning to "bedroom", i.e. a room which contains a bed, and only a bed.

Karen: The windowless room does see some action, but we don't really miss the window on those occasions either! There are... other priorities. ;-)

Ken just reminded me that there is a second exit from that room - the closet segues into a little furnace room, which has a door that opens out into the foyer. So as long as you ducked, you could get through there and escape a fire. Phew! I was worried for a minute that we were sleeping in a fire trap!

San: Yes, I love the nook. Before the bed moved in there, I had it set up as a meditation space. It has good vibes. And a nice view in the summer, of the neighbour's tree.

kate said...

Your bed looks great - I like the comforter pattern. It's always good to have a place to go when it's hard to sleep. This looks as if it the perfect place to slumber cosily!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Spark, I didn't use to. I didn't see why. But I started opening the window if my room was warmer than 15C, because the best sleep is in a room cooler than 16C (according to those in the know). After a while I got used to the open window.

mex (aka Syb) said...


i sent you an return email.. or so i thought.. but it bounced back.. it Just said.. "yr a cutie.. i am still reading yr blog.. Just dont comment."

That said.. since I am here.. err.... I use MY (our) Bedroom ..My Palace.. for a lot more than sleeping;)


Sparkling Red said...

Kate: Thanks! It is indeed very cozy.

Keera: Really? Wow, that's chilly. There have been nights when I've slept with the house at around 14 degrees because of broken heating. Even wearing a wool sweater and a hat under the blankets, I found it difficult to sleep and woke up exhausted. It's probably possible to acclimatize over time, but that would be a major adjustment. I think I'll be keeping my windows closed for now! But thanks for the info.

Syb: Hi, and thank you! *bashful* ;-)
I'm glad that you're still reading. I subscribed to your RSS feed, so I always read what you've posted too. Weird about the bouncing e-mail - I've gotten others... The address is sparklingredredredathotmaildotcom.
Have fun in your Palace! They don't call them King and Queen size beds for nothing. ;-)

Jenski said...

I'm with Jameil - pretty comforter. A friend once told me she irons her sheets to soften them out of the laundry. Seems like a lot of hassle if you're either sleeping on them or covering them up with blankets though!

Aric Blue said...

Good God, it looks like you sleep in a closet! Are you, by chance, three feet tall?

Aurora said...

I love the comforter!!

I can see the reasoning about not needing a window in the sleeping-area. After all, light wakes you up! For myself, there is something special about waking up in the morning and looking out the window.

Sparkling Red said...

Jenski: Pigs will be soaring through the air on gossamer wings before I iron my sheets. ;-)

Aric Blue: Can't you tell from my profile photo? I'm 6.5 inches tall. That bed is HUGE for me!

Aurora: I do find it more difficult to wake up in a dark room. Although it's only an issue for half of the year, since it's dark out at 6:30 am all winter long anyway. ;-)

Nicole said...

Djembe as table looks good, but you are right, she'll probably not thank you for it ;)

Cool bedroom :P

savia said...

I really want to learn to play the djembe. I love tribal beats - they make my feet move without me even knowing. Love it.