Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sneaky Dee's

I thought you might like a tour of a favourite haunt of mine, Sneaky Dee's. It's a bar and restaurant in downtown Toronto that's been around since 1990.

It looks tough, but it's actually a very welcoming and comfortable place. It's so weird that no one is too weird to be there. Families with young children and babies dine next to punks, college kids, artsy types, and whoever else has wandered in off the street. Some of the servers are heavily tattooed and pierced: young people who probably can't get a job anywhere else due to dress codes. They're mostly friendly and the food is good.

I started going to Sneaky Dee's when I was in university. Once a week on Wednesdays they held a Bingo night. You could win prizes from the dollar store, and the rest of the profits went to a local food bank. Most of the players were drunk, and there was always a big ruckus when the call was for O-69.

I met Aurora there for lunch. This little beauty was above our table.

Here's what the rest of the place looks like. Note the awesome painting on the ceiling.

Here's a random mural that appeared on the rear wall since I was last there.

If you want to sit in a booth, you'll have to sit in a skeleton's lap. Don't worry, these guys don't bite.

As you can see, every inch of the place is covered in graffiti. It's rude, it's beautiful, it's poetic, and hilarious.

Here we are on the way to the restrooms.

Can you tell which is the men's and which is the ladies room?

Sure it looks kind of like a dump, but really it's great. Their home-style Tex-Mex food is Ummy, and the weekend brunches can't be beat. Who wants to meet me there for a burrito?


Leighann said...

Hot Diggity! When are we going?

Jenski said...

The skeletons might creep me out at first, but that looks like a great place!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Mmmmm... Burritos. I'm game!!

Anonymous said...

I've been there many a time. Never during daylight hours. Frankly, because of the lighting in those photos, I didn't recognize the place. I always thought that place was a bit too cramped for my likings. I'm a man who needs, hmmm, let's call it space. Of course stumbling home from that place after chugging a pitcher of Moosehead (or was it Keiths, oh well) is definetely a good memory. Or at least what I remember was good.

Sparkling Red said...

Leighann: Name a date and I'll be there. ;-)

Jenski: Yeah, I had to get used to the skeletons, but now we're old friends and it's all good. ;-)

Warped Mind of Ron: They make monster-sized burritos with Mexican-style rice, refritos (refried beans), and ensalada. Muy bueno!

WhatIgotsofar: That's why I go during the day. In the evening, the place is so packed and unbearably loud that I don't enjoy it. Lunchtime is much more laid back. You should try it.

Karen said...

I'm in for the burrito. It does look like a pretty rough place though.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... I want one...

R.E.H. said...

Hey! That place really looks like a bar that I'd enjoy hanging out at. If ever I come to Toronto, I'm paying that place a visit!

jameil1922 said...

tex mex!?!? girl you know i love any kind of mex!! I'M THERE!!

Nicole said...

Exactly MY kind of place :D!!

Sparkling Red said...

Karen: It's not really rough. It's a place people go when they want to feel that they've been somewhere gritty and anti-franchise. Kind of reverse-snob decor, if that makes sense.

Unsigned: I'm going to have to go back soon myself, with all this talk of burritos.

R.E.H.: I hope you have a chance to see it someday.

Jameil: Oh yes, you would LOVE the food!

Nicole: I'll just sort out the teleportation service, and then we can all meet there together and have a burrito party. :-)

Nicole said...

That would be cool - because my broomstick doesn't work in the Middle East ;)

Aurora said...

The Guacamole Equisito was awesome! Afterwards at my salsa lesson, though, I got nauseous because all we did was spins and I'd, um, eaten lots of guac. Anyway, it's good food :-)