Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bringing the Lurv

Hear ye, hear ye! For anyone who might not be reading every last comment on my New Year's Resolution post , I am announcing the addition of a new blogroll to my sidebar. Anyone who reads this blog and who is also participating in Blog 365 should let me know, and I'll add you to the list. Come on, you wafflers, you can do it!

And the rest of you who aren't participating, well, now you can read until your eyeballs fall out.

Honestly, I'm loving this whole blogging business. I love writing. I love reading your comments. In two short months, I have become a total blogwhore.

I have to share this. You'll think I'm a nerd, but what the hey. I wake up at 6:30 in the morning, and the first thing I do is go online to check for comments. Really! And if I got even one, I start to purr, right there in front of the computer.

Thank you, for helping me to become a morning person.

In other news, I have a few more tidbits to share about New Year's Eve.

Best quote of the night:
"Don't give my your fancy granite tabletops! I just want to mash my face into your pho! "

Best hoodie:
Apparently, the latest trend is hoodies that zip aaaaallll the way up, like this. They actually cover the wearer's face. The dude who uttered the quote above was the proud owner of such a hoodie - except that his did not have any eye-holes. He demonstrated the proper use of the hood, which is to zip it all the way up and then head butt everyone around you in a blind frenzy.

Least successful attempt to start a rumour:
Ollie crept around whispering "sexy jealous" at what he judged to be a subliminal volume. Result: zero rumours started.

Worst plan:
One of the few girls present revealed to me that she was planning to drink until she barfed. Uh, gee, that sounds like FUN! Seriously, I would rather have my teeth drilled without freezing than upchuck. It's just so goshdarn unpleasant. These things sometimes happen by accident, but I can't get my head around someone actually intending it.


jenski said...

I soooo signed up for Blog 365. Here goes nuthin'.

How are you supposed to go about your daily business with your face all zipped up in a hoodie?

Maxie said...

I'm doing blog 365 too!

I'm not quite sure what sexy jealous means, but it made me

jameil1922 said...

children. that's got to be what it is-- the puking thing. disgusting. i'm comment-obsessed, too. those hoodies are frightening.

Tink said...

Maybe she's a bulimic who likes to have a little fun before she makes herself puke... ;)

San said...

You blogwhore you--put me on your blogroll! No, I'm not in the 365 Club, but I too get up and check for comments first thing. Well, after I pour my coffee. I purr too. That counts for something, does it not?

Colonel Mustard, sexy jealous, on the granite countertop, in a hoody, barfing with no escape hatch. So it was rumored.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I am also doing Blog 365! (But you knew that already.)

Re the hoodie thing: My first thought was, "Covering everything but eyes? Sounds like somebody's envious of the burqa!" Then I saw the Skeleton jacket (tres kewl - ohmygod, did I just write "tres kewl"? sorry) and thought, "Well, of course it covers everything but the eyes, how else look like a skeleton?" Then you told of the eyeless hoods and head-butting everybody and I realized it was just the usual stupidity. *pout*

Sparkling Red said...

Jenski: Alriiiight! Glad to have you aboard. And there's only one way to find out the answer to your question: give it a try. ;-)

Maxie: Woohoo! You have been added to the Lunatics List.

Jameil: Yes, the hoodies I linked to are very scary. The one I saw was actually covered in cute cartoon monkeys- not threatening at all.

Tink: Ew! But, maybe. Good thinking.

San: Your wish is my command. And I love your Clue resolution. You win!

Keera: Congratulations, you are a lunatic! Welcome to the pack.

R.E.H. said...

She actually wanted to drink til she puked??? Well, I guess we all have our fetishes in life ;)

I'm with you, though. I can't stand barfing - it is deee-sgusting!