Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Mystery Challenge

A heartfelt Thank You goes out to all of you who responded to my last post with supportive comments. I have re-read them all several times. If they were written on paper, they would be getting dog-eared already. Thanks also to those who have supported me in person, or who have silently sent good wishes my way. It all helps.

I do want to clarify one point. There is another Dad in my life, the one who so generously provided me with 50% of my DNA, and a very excellent DNA at that. You may have noticed him in my comments (writing as Mighty Mouse). Some people think it's weird that I have two Dads, but hey, if you can have more than one brother, sister, aunt, or uncle, why not multiple Dads? I think it's a great arrangement.

Now I have a mystery for you to solve. Without scrolling down, see if you can guess what this is:

Any idea?

It's small, it's lacey, and it's recently been hand-washed. (That's my "lay-flat-to-dry" screen thingamabobber that it's spread out on.)

If you're anything like Ken, your first thought upon seeing this delicate little scrap of fabric is: it must be lingerie!

Your second thought is: What kind of panty is that?

Don't get too excited now, but I even volunteered to model this in one possible configuration. Here is the world premiere of the garter's more modest cousin, the Knee Ruffle!

Woohoo! Look at those sexxxxaaaayyy gams!

Do you think this might catch on? Will Victoria's Secret have models strutting down the runway wearing colour-coordinated knee ruffles? Could this possibly extend to coy, peek-a-boo lace designed for elbows and ankles too? Stay tuned for the next stages of this hot, new trend!

But before you go looking for online vendors, maybe you'd like to see what this garment is really all about. It belongs to none other than one of the stars of My Favourite Things, Raggedy Ann.

Here she is, wearing her pretty pinafore.


Maxie said...

I got it right! Yessss... I rock.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

i so knew what that was. for realz. and here i came here to leave hate mail since you said you had never gotten any...jk


honestyrain said...

i think having two dads is awesome. the more people we have loving us, the better.

i've never had hate mail either. not even when i was getting a thousand hits a day (oh remember those days!) and thirty comments a post. everyone always played so nice. i felt kinda bad about it. controversy breeds interest, after all.

Mighty Mouse said...

I'm glad you clarified that there is another Dad in your life - namely me. And I'm also glad you think it's a great arrangement. If it works for you, it works for me. Love ya - yr Dad

honestyrain said...

so, do your legs go one forever or what? not that i am some perv internet dude, but i noticed. i bet you tower over me.

jameil1922 said...

why would it be weird to have 2 dads? as soon as i can get my dad to dump his gf and get up with rachael ray i will have 2 moms and i will love them both.

lmao @ Knee Ruffle. love the pose too! hahahaha. i don't like guessing games so i didn't even try. lolol. i know i'm horrid.

Kell said...

I knew what it was, but not that it was on the sweetest looking Raggedy Ann doll.

Although, you could be starting a new trend with the knee ruffle.

R.E.H. said...

Ah... you fooled me on that! Thought you were about to pose in lingerie for us!


Sparkling Red said...

Maxie: Good work!

Tequila Mockingbird: Thanks for offering, but I can wait a little longer for my first hate mail. I am patient like that.

Honestyrain: 1000 hits a day?!?! That's some crazy popularity you had going there. I dare to dream...

Mighty Mouse: Love ya too!

Honestyrain (Part II): At 5'5", I don't tower over anyone except my grandmother, but thanks for the compliment! ;-)

Jameil: Maybe Rachel Ray will wear Knee Ruffles at the wedding, thus launching their global popularity.

Kell: Raggedy Ann is blushing. She hasn't had this much attention in a long time. I think she could learn to love the spotlight!

R.E.H.: Well, maybe another day. (Observe my manipulative ploy to keep you coming back to my site!) ;-)