Friday, January 4, 2008

'Fessing Up

I'm learning some stuff about myself through this blog. For example, I was never previously aware of how obsessed I am with weird food and bizarre diets. So far I’ve only posted a few times on the subject, but you should see the notebook where I brainstorm blog ideas. It contains scrawlings like “The Meatball Story”, “The Tomato Story”, and “The Durian”. I’ll try to space them out. I don’t want this blog to turn into a Food Gross-Out Marathon.

My obsession probably resulted from my four years working in the health food industry. I may mock the Health Foodies, but deep down inside, I am one.

I take supplements almost every day. I used to be crazy with the supplements. I took fistfuls of pills with every meal. But some of those pills are a) tough to digest and b) pretty darn pricey. Once I stopped being able to steal them from the stockroom - I mean purchase them legitimately from my employer using my staff discount – I went through my stash and streamlined it.

I do feel that the supplements I take keep me healthy and youthful. I hardly ever catch cold or flu. (See how I just jinxed myself? Watch me get sick next week.) And as recently as this past summer, people have assumed that I’m in my early 20’s. I am 35.

So if you’re interested, this is what I take every day:

Greens Plus: This is one of those green “superfoods” chock full of powdered wheatgrass, algae, cleansing herbs, bee pollen, and tons more. Most of these products come in a powdered form which you mix with water or juice and drink in the morning. They taste like dried, pulverized lawnmower clippings. I pay a little more to get capsules, so taste isn’t an issue. I also take a third of the recommended dose which is quite sufficient, unless you prefer to poop twelve times a day.

Fish Body Oil: I drink a spoonful of the stuff every morning after my oatmeal. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Honest!

Multivitamin: I take one that comes in a capsule. Capsules are easier to digest than tablets, and always preferable. Apparently there are many vitamins with pretty, candy-coloured shellac coatings that are almost impossible to digest. I have heard tales of septic systems backing up due to filters clogged with almost-whole vitamin tablets. Considering how much the suckers cost, I want to make sure I’m actually absorbing them!

Vitamin D (I only take this one during the gloom of winter.): Excellent for bones, skin, and keeping Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) under control. The latest recommendation is 1,000 i.u. per day. I *heart* Vitamin D.

The minerals: Zinc for the immune system, Calcium with Magnesium so I don’t get a humpback in my elder years, and Iron, because of that girl thang.

What are you taking, if anything?


Maxie said...

I'm taking flinstones vitamins. No seriously, I am. They taste soooo yummy.

jenski said...

I just do the centrum thing. That Green Plus supplement sounds great! A guy I used to work with had an intriguing take on supplements.

His argument, which may or may not be supported by fact, was that 200 hundred years ago, say, the ground that food was taken from was chock-full of good stuff that the plants took up. Now, with over-used earth, the veggies and things we buy in a store do not have all the minerals and vitamins we need. So supplements are a very good idea.

I had another friend who would take a vitamin every day for one week a month.

Sparkling Red, do you take all the supplements at once or throughout the day?

red's little sparkle said...

dang! i've become such a supplement nerd since i started pushing the stuff last year! starting reading today's post and had a moment of "oooOOOOoooh! vitamins!"
lets see...i take, vitamin C and D, Calcium with Magnesium, L-Lysine, Iron, Acidophilus, B12 + Folic Acid, and Flax Seed Oil when i remember.
i used to take a Multi for vegitarian women, but never replaced it when i ran out. i should really get on that...

the hot shot doctor that i work for recomends that people take 10,000iu's of D daily. although i don't take that much...

Aric Blue said...

Vitamin C, and I'll pop a Flintstone sometimes--mainly because they taste good.

jameil1922 said...

whoa!! i take nothing. my dad tries to get me to take vitamins since my diet is mostly fast food but i never do. maybe i wouldn't be sick now if i did huh?

Sparkling Red said...

Maxie: That's hilarious! Well, why not? The regular, adult horse pills aren't much fun.

Jenski: I've heard that theory before, and it makes sense to me. Non-organic farmers do not necessarily fertilize their fields with balanced nutrients, so it stands to reason that the foods grown there would be lacking.

I take my greens and fish oil in the morning, my calcium before bed, and the rest with dinner.

Red's Little Sparkle: After careful scrutiny of your comment content, and spelling style, I think that I have guessed your true identity. Nice handle, by the way! ;-)

Aric Blue: Another Flintstones fan! Yaba daba doo!

Jameil: If you're diet is mostly fast food, it's probably a good idea to at least take a multivitamin. It'll help you maintain your fabulosity as the years go by.